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Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually.

Our indoor cycling program is curated to mimic the journey of a traveller going off the beaten path.

You will experience an immersive 45-minute beat-driven full-body workout that will push your body to levels that you never knew existed.

Gut crunching climbs. Smooth riding straights. Exhilarating sprints. All that will leave you out of breath, yet gasping for more.

If you are new to fitness, fret not! 

We have curated different types of classes to cater for your personal fitness levels !

So whether you are just beginning or on your way in your journey, our Guides will always take you on the right path.



At Journey, it is our mission to make your workout experience smooth and safe.

Our ride room is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting systems, designed to create the most captivating space for the ultimate experience. It is fully integrated with a harmonious sound system with the latest technology that promises high-definition audio quality with an amazingsound pressure and excellent balance.

Our bikes, the Schwinn USA A.C. Performance Plus, are the leading of its kind in the
industry. The Carbon Blue belt and the ergonomically designed seats and handlebars are intended to mimic the authentic feel of an outdoor bike that will elevate indoor cycling experience.

You will also be provided with cycling shoes that have special cleats allowing you to fully clip onto your bike. This will help you increase your performance in the ride room for that maximum calorie burn!

We aim to provide a comfortable space for our community before, during and after the workout. Apart from the ride room, our studio is fitted with lockers, changing rooms and showers and lounge area, for your use.

Be comfortable

Please come prepared with whatever you feel comfortable working out in. We recommend your activewear or sports clothes just to get specific! 

Check in

When you walk into Journey, please check in at the front desk, especially when it is your first time with us.

We will sign you in and show you around our studio and how the classes work.

Be on time! Make sure you are at the studio 15 minutes before your class starts, especially if it is your first time.

Please note that those who arrive after the studio doors shut will not be allowed in as to not cause distractions for the instructors and the rest of the riders.


Shoes + Water

Before you enter the ride room, make sure you have your cycling shoes on! These shoes have special cleats that allows you to clip onto your bike, giving you the best cycing experience possible.

They will help you increase your performance in the ride room for that maximum calorie burn!


Its ride time! Make sure you’ve got your ride gear on before you enter. That means getting changed , slipping on those shoes and a bottle of water by your side.

Walking into the ride room, you’ll notice hand towels are prepared for you on the bike you booked. Grab a pair of
dumbells on the left side of the room and place them on your bike.

Adjust the bike to fit your body and if you need any help, ask any guides on duty or the instructor and you will be
tended to. Once you are set up, start warming up those legs and enjoy the journey!

After class, just drop your shoes, towels and weights into the designated bins and ride the endorphins into our luxurious showers.

Changing rooms

As much as we want you to have an awesome workout, we want you to also have an awesome post workout too!

Pamper yourselves in our luxurious showers and help
yourselves to the products available in there.

When you feel your best, you set yourself up to do your best! Now you’re ready to take on your life Journey!


You are the heart and soul of Journey. Whatever your reasons are for being at Journey, one common thing that unites you and the other riders is the pursuit for a healthier lifestyle! So keep the positive vibes up, greet each other with a smile and motivate each other to keep the Journey that much better.

We also try our best to keep it interesting by conducting themed classes, health and wellness events and community drives to keep it always buzzing so please do join us for any of these when you can!

Our Guides i.e. instructors are always excited to help you out with anything as well so do ask away if you wanted to know from anything to do with the classes or fitness in general.